These are new Items   for  sale:

  1. 1960s multicolored ART   7″ x 7/8″Bracelet  and 1 1/8″  Earrings    clip on  with unusual green/tourmaline/ orange stripped  navette stones and  Swarovski  rhinestones. Condition – perfect. Signature -ART. Final price – $105.00 plus  shipping.

  2. This is  one of the best  pair of  Schiaparelli  Earrings  with Pink Iridescent Tulip  flowers  and molded leaves with  topaz   rhinestones . Condition – Perfect. Signature – Schiaparelli. Final Price – $95.00 +shipping
  3. Vintage Avon  pendant with Amethyst  stone and  faux pearls . The pendant measures  1 1/4″ high by 3/4″ wide. The chain is 24″ long . Condition  -perfect.
    Final Price- $15.00 +shipping